Boston Consulting Group Templates for PowerPoint Presentations

Boston Consulting Group Templates for PowerPoint Presentations

Being a student of business management or an entrepreneur you are likely to encounter various concepts that have stemmed from the Boston Consulting Group, which is a renowned management consulting firm that has operations spread over more than 40 countries. One concept that you cannot ignore is an entrepreneur or even as a student of business management is the Boston Matrix.

What is Boston Matrix?

What is Boston Matrix? Example slide showing 2x2 matrix representing the BCG matrix
What is the Boston Matrix? Example slide

The Boston Matrix or the Growth–share matrix is a business analysis method where the different business units are ranked according to their growth rates and share in the market. These include:

  • Cash Cows: These are units/products that generate more cash than needed to sustain the business. Such units are able to achieve a high market share in markets with slow growth and hence need little investment. They are called cash cows because they are to be milked for the benefit of the business.
  • Dogs: These are the opposite of cash cows and tend to be a burden for the business, as they have a low market share, in a slow growing industry. Dogs can often be ill fated business units that are likely to be killed off.
  • Question Marks: Question Marks or Problem Children have a low market share, despite being a part of a market with high growth. Question Marks can be starting points for many businesses, as a new venture is likely to start off with an uncertain future. Question Marks can potentially go on to become cash cows, stars or be reduced to dogs in the market when growth declines.
  • Stars: These are units with a rapid growth rate in fast growing markets. Every business would love to have stars, however, stars require higher level of funding to fight cut-throat competition in a competitive market.

Templates For Making A Boston Matrix Diagram in PowerPoint

If you are looking to create a Boston Matrix diagram, presentation or require complimentary slides for creating diagrams for a product lifecycle, then here are some recommended PowerPoint Templates that can help you get the job done in no time.

Boston Consulting Group Matrix PowerPoint Template

This is the perfect template for making Boston Matrix diagrams and presentations. The template comes loaded with many appropriate sample slides with layouts that have been specifically designed to help you create a BCG Matrix with ease. The template offers Boston Matrix sample slides in different colors and designs, with relevant clipart and images.

Boston Consulting Group Matrix PowerPoint template

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3D BCG Matrix For PowerPoint

This is a template that can be used for making a 3D version of the Boston Matrix. The template provides different colorful sample diagrams, where each slide is displayed as a 3D board upon which each aspect of the BCG Matrix is laid out.

3D BCG Matrix template for presentations

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Boston Matrix And The Product Lifecycle

Presenting these two related concepts can be the key in identifying units which may fall under the category of cash cows, dogs, stars or question marks. The Product Lifecycle Template For PowerPoint can help you create a comprehensive diagram to illustrate which stage your product may be at and then combine it with the Boston Matrix (which can be created using the above mentioned templates).

Boston Matrix And The Product Lifecycle - Slide Template for BCG presentations

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