Vector Speedometer Graphics for PowerPoint

Create an unconventional eye-catching PowerPoint presentation using the Vector Speedometer Graphics for PowerPoint. With the use of its modern, minimalist flat design, be assured that, even in the fast-paced business environment, your information and ideas will not remain ignored for long.

A speedometer is conventionally used in vehicles to measure and keep track of their instantaneous speed. In this PowerPoint template, the speedometer becomes a tool to measure and keep track of business reviews, business reports, and business objectives.

The presentation template contains a PowerPoint slide that features a business dashboard. This dashboard PowerPoint illustration may be used to quantify KPI’s, or key performance indicators, by adjusting the position of the needle on the various speedometer PowerPoint graphic.

By keeping track of the state of these KPI’s, the business organization, or more specifically, its key members, will be able to keep a balanced scorecard of the different elements concerned. These elements may range from level of target sales achieved, to the state of losses and expenses incurred during the fiscal period.

Some of the PowerPoint slides in the Office template feature only on speedometer with corresponding legends. This may be utilized as a visual representation of the overall rating of the company in terms of employee performance, customer satisfaction, or financial turnover. The PowerPoint graphic may be used as quick and easily understandable method of updating members of the business organization of the company’s recent state of affairs, so that they may be made aware.

Ideal for presenting financial ratios and statistics, the Vector Speedometer Graphics for PowerPoint may be edited to become more in line with the presenter’s needs and preferences for the presentation, so that the information and illustrations are made relevant to the members of the business organization.

The presenter may also choose to download other variations of the speedometer PowerPoint template, like the Dark Speedometer Template for PowerPoint.

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