Transportation & Logistics Shapes for PowerPoint

Logistics & Truck Shapes for PowerPoint
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Transportation & Logistics Shapes for PowerPoint is a presentation template containing useful icons and shapes for PowerPoint presentations on global logistics and transportation. Using the objects, the user can make awesome visuals that simplify the discussion for easier understanding. Create exclusive reports for professional audiences.

Containers, trucks, warehouse icon shapes for PowerPoint as well as vessels and other maritime transportation methods are present in the design. The shapes also contain isometric clipart of trains, rails and cargo ships. All of them are generated with PowerPoint shapes, allowing the user to fully customize their appearance. There are 13 novel slides with various pictures in the PowerPoint template. They can be used to illustrate a shipping process. For example, a package is to be delivered. A truck shape can represent the local pick-up procedure. After that, the package is transferred to a cargo container where it is stored. The container is transported to a courier ship that brings it to another location. The container is pulled out of the ship and is transferred to a delivery truck. The procedure goes on.

Logistics is defined as the management or operation work related to supplies, manpower and facilities. On the other hand, transportation is the method of moving a person or good from one place to another using a particular platform.

The slide designs are ideal for trade presentations. It can also be applied to courier shipping reports. When the discussion is about logistics, the PowerPoint shapes can come very useful. They can serve as clipart or descriptive visual aids. The user can even make them as bullets in a detailed discourse.

Powerful and effective, Transportation & Logistics Shapes for PowerPoint can upscale all kinds of logistics-focused presentation. Download Logistics Icons for PowerPoint for another stylish icon-collective template from the SlideModel gallery.

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