TAM SAM SOM EVG Slide Template for PowerPoint

The TAM SAM SOM EVG Slide Template for PowerPoint is designed to showcase the four market segments directed by the TAM SAM SOM+ model. This additional plus in this marketing model name shows the additional segment included: EVG, the acronym for Earlyvangelists (potential buyers). Marketing professionals use this model to define their target market. By shortlisting larger groups into smaller accessible market segments, marketers can better address the direct customers ensuring higher values for ROI (Return on Investments). So, this model is presented before the investors in fundraising campaigns to discuss the probability of their returns. The four parts of this model are:

  • TAM: Total Addressable Market (a total estimated market that can be considered to market)
  • SAM: Service Addressable Market (specific segment of the TAM estimated to be accessible)
  • SOM: Service Obtainable Market (smaller fragment of the SAM that can be addressed with current resources)
  • EVG: Earlyvangelists (group of strongly potential customers) 

By getting through this funnel, professionals specify their working diameter to gain better outcomes. This TAM SAM SOM EVG Slide Template for PowerPoint has a circular diagram to present these sections of this marketing plan template. The diagram is a four-layer concentric circle, with each layer carrying a distinct color. Five template slides are included in this PPT presentation layout. After the first one, each slide color highlights a single layer of the diagram, i.e., four individually color-highlighted slides for the model segments. This way, presenters can effectively discuss the market segments and describe the facts. Moreover, all slides carry shaded text boxes to mention the titles and relevant descriptions in every part. 

Presenters can conveniently add presentation points and apply different font styles. Similarly, the color scheme can be changed to match the presentation theme. The background color is plain white, and users can add decorative elements of their choice. This PPT template can be customized for professional or educational presentations. Teams can discuss their marketing strategies by editing these simple slides. Our TAM SAM SOM EVG Slide Template for PowerPoint is entirely compatible with Google Slides and Keynote. Download and try it now!

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