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Download ready-made Pros & Cons slide designs for PowerPoint & Google Slides and create presentations in minutes. These pros and cons PowerPoint graphics are ideal for showcasing a comparative analysis, whether in a business presentation, a product review, or any discussion requiring a comparison chart.


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The concept of weighing advantages and disadvantages is highly adaptable, extending to practically any subject or technology. This approach allows for a comprehensive assessment of the pros and cons when using a product, engaging in a service, making decisions, or taking actions in real-world scenarios.

Our pros and cons Google Slides templates could efficiently present these contrasts, aiding audiences in making informed decisions. Additionally, integrating a pros and cons infographic within your slide deck can visually enhance the comparison process, clearly and concisely representing the evaluated aspects.

You can check out other complementary slides such as the Before & After slides or the Advantages versus Disadvantages slides for presentations.

What are the Pros and Cons Slide?

A pros and cons slide for PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation introduces a decision’s advantages or disadvantages.

Why Use a Pros and Cons Slide?

Pros and cons slides can show the differences between the advantages and disadvantages of a particular action or decision. It can help during a decision-making analysis or present the outcomes of previous decision analysis to an audience. It can help spot the gaps and areas where the consultant needs to do more profound research or highlight the differences between advantages and disadvantages.

How do you show the pros and cons in PPT?

To display the pros and cons in PowerPoint, utilize dedicated slides featuring distinct columns or sections for advantages and disadvantages. Use bullet points, visuals, or brief descriptions to highlight the critical points on each side.

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