Highlights and Lowlights PowerPoint Template

The Highlights and Lowlights PowerPoint Template is an editable layout for engagingly presenting the key points of a meeting, agenda, or discussion points. The highlights refer to the highly important points that should be emphasized during the presentation. In contrast, the lowlights are the opposite of the highlights, which means to be prioritized after the highlights. For example, in an educational session, the coach can divide his lecture into two parts, i.e., highlights (the crucial lessons that must be covered) and lowlights (the less important lessons which can be skipped in case of time limitation). Likewise, in business, marketing, real estate, and project discussions, the highlights and lowlights can help the audience understand what is important and which falls second. So, we have prepared this 100% editable PPT template for simplifying the process of creating the highlights & lowlights presentations. Users can grab this slide for the agenda and meeting outline presentation.

The Highlights and Lowlights PowerPoint Template shows a multi-layered diagram crafted using PowerPoint shapes, colors, and shadow effects. The first slide carries three rows of flat bars with two color fills (the first half has blue, and the other is orange). A half part is shaded darker in each color, making a curved look, and the other is bright. The orange segment is slightly smaller, and thus it is entitled to mention the lowlights. In contrast, the blue part is to display the highlight points. This structure appears 3D due to the background black shades. These rows have representative graphical icons which can be replaced according to the requirements. The following slide is single-colored, with two shades of blue. On this slide, the darker side is to mention the lowlights, and the brighter one is for highlights. So, this presentation layout is ideal for professional and educational purposes to discuss the agenda and key points. Download and try it now!

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