Iceberg PowerPoint Templates & Slide Designs for Presentations

Download iceberg PowerPoint templates and illustrations with awesome creative slide designs containing iceberg pictures and business models using the iceberg metaphor to show what you see and what is unknown.

Iceberg templates for presentations are typically used as a visual metaphor to compare between the visible parts versus the hidden parts of a concept or idea. Iceberg infographics can also be used to present a problem with the visible part and the hidden part below the ocean. An iceberg slide can also be used to show hidden costs in a proposal.

Our 100% editable iceberg templates can be used in Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides to prepare presentations showing an iceberg slide. You can download an iceberg template to use in your business presentations.

Other are other uses of iceberg templates as a metaphor?

The tip of the iceberg represents a small part or concept that is above the waterline, while the biggest part of the iceberg is below the waterline.

Other meanings can be associated to an iceberg, for example the melting of the iceberg metaphor refers to the fact that the visible above the waterline can be diminished into water.

Can the Iceberg Templates be used in Google Slides?

Yes, the iceberg PowerPoint templates are also compatible with Google Slides, hence the designer or presenter can import the iceberg slides into a Google Slides presentation and edit the text placeholders or modify the colors.

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