Iceberg PowerPoint Template

2 Iceberg Illustration Shapes for PowerPoint
Iceberg Slide Design for PowerPoint
Iceberg PowerPoint Template with Blue Slide Design

Iceberg PowerPoint Template is an excellent presentation design for Microsoft PowerPoint that you can use to represent a wide range of business models and management models for your presentations. The iceberg metaphor is widely used in business to show the known or knowledge on top of the iceberg (surface). At the same time, the unknown is usually displayed under the sea (more profound). Icebergs can be used, for example, to represent the psychological contracts iceberg model, the cultural iceberg model, ways to explain reality, or other motivational theories like Frederick Herzberg’s Motivation Theory.

On top of the iceberg is what you see, and at the bottom of the iceberg, you can hide anonymous data or information.

This iceberg presentation template is also compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides, and you can use this iceberg PPT design to prepare presentations with a great iceberg infographic design. The iceberg design is also useful to show comparisons in a presentation. You can also download other iceberg slides for presentations or PowerPoint infographics.

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