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4-Level Iceberg Template for PowerPoint

The 4-Level Iceberg Template for PowerPoint shows an engaging iceberg diagram created using 100% editable PowerPoint shapes. The icebergs are big blocks of ice that float in the oceans, and they have a distinct feature: their small part is visible on the surface, and the rest bigger section is deep inside. This feature is a metaphor to explain the severity of situations or problems with a deep basis and a superficial appearance. Users can edit this iceberg diagram to discuss multiple situations with teams, students, or strategists. For instance, professionals can use it to describe a new concept that requires much research to unveil its potential facts. Likewise, it can help discuss a development plan whose initial phase is completed while the upcoming steps are to be re-defined. 

Our 4-Level Iceberg Template for PowerPoint is a one-pager presentation design. The background has a plain white color. In the central part of the slide, an iceberg illustration is created with a shiny tinge like in-real. This effect is crafted using multiple shapes and their multi-shaded coloration. Small circular point labels are added to equally distant positions on the iceberg. These indicate four levels of the iceberg metaphor. From these circular points, multicolor text boxes emerge from the diagram in both directions. The boxes carry editable placeholder text to mention the relevant titles and descriptions. Presenters can change the colors, font styles and edit other components according to their choices. 

Professionals can download this iceberg PowerPoint diagram for business strategy and planning presentations. It can also help discuss risk assessment and other multi-level concepts. Trainers can especially benefit from this metaphor to elaborate on various stages of different values and importance. Our users can conveniently edit the slide with all PowerPoint versions, Google Slides, and Keynote. Try it now!

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