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Slide Success Concept Design Iceberg

The Iceberg PowerPoint Diagram is an awesome infographic template presenting the success theory concept. The iceberg illustration shows the idea of how people can only see the business’s top part as an outcome (success). Whereas, the huge portion is hidden below the surface. In the original iceberg, the 90% of glacier is below the water surface. Implementing the same idea to the success of an individual, company or an organization involves many factors. This presentation shows the amazing graphical version of iceberg theory of success. It illustrates the hidden factors of efforts using the impressive infographic icons to represent them. The editable PowerPoint diagram can assist the professionals of business and management to quickly update and present the template.

The Iceberg PowerPoint Diagram template has two slides displaying 8 major effort factors. These are the component which leads to the company’s success. The diagram presentation here highlights the following major factors involve in the success of a company. These include, Marketing, Growth, Strategy, Vision, Team, Plan, Communication and Research. The iceberg illustration is a set of polygons together creating a glacier. Whereas, the broad line represents the water surface. Moreover, all the factors of iceberg PowerPoint diagram have infographic icon representation. Also, the additional text placeholders to provide valuable information. However, the surface of iceberg contains an infographic man climbing the mountain is metaphor clipart for success.

The success theory of Iceberg diagram for PowerPoint also has another design version. It enables users to enter the factor based on their personal experience. Likewise, the companies can also use it to change the factors involve or present the key components of projects differently. The second slide of iceberg PowerPoint also suggests the color variation which is easily customizable from background format option. This is a motivational theory PowerPoint, an ideal business diagram template for motivating company staff. Or, even in the learning and development seminars.

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