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Download pre-designed Force Field PPT Templates and slide designs containing awesome diagrams and shapes that you can use in a Force Field Analysis presentation. The Force Field Analysis framework provides a way for looking at the factors (forces) that influence a given situation. The helping forces drive a movement toward a goal but there are other hindering forces that are blocking movements toward the goals.

According to Lewin’s theory, which serves as the basis for the force field template, change occurs when the driving force is greater than the restraining force in an individual or business. Simply put, you need to increase the driving forces that steer behavior away from the current situation while decreasing the restraining forces that prevent movement away from the existing equilibrium. This business template can be used by anybody or a company that wants to advance.

We have a Force Field Analysis PowerPoint Diagram, and many other downloadable and editable templates that you can tailor to your specific requirements. The force field diagram aids in discussing the process’s negative and positive forces. As a result, viewers can identify the factors that propel the process toward its goal. It can resize these images to any length or width while maintaining quality. The Force Field Analysis PowerPoint Template can also aid in decision-making. As a result, examining the factors that can contribute to or limit change is beneficial.

At Slidemodel, we have professionally designed force field templates for collaborative presentations; these are simple designs that match industry-related icons, images, graphs, diagrams, and so on. We also have the Simple Force Field Analysis PowerPoint Template, which depicts the driving and resisting forces. Other Business Plan PowerPoint Templates are available to help you communicate your message to the audience in a simple presentation, as well as various templates to help you finish your presentation quickly.

What is force field analysis PPT?

Kurt Lewin, a pioneer in social sciences, developed force field analysis as a management technique for analyzing the forces in favor of and against change. As a result, it serves as a criterion for determining factors needed to achieve a goal or identifying roadblocks.

How to conduct a force field analysis?

To conduct  a good force field analysis, you must check the following procedures:

  • Examine the current situation.
  • Define your goal.
  • Determine the driving forces.
  • Determine the restraining forces.
  • Analyze the forces.
  • Make a plan of action.

The significance of Force Field Analysis

The use of force field analysis has various implications, some of which are listed below.

  • Presents a situation’s positives and negatives so can easily compare them.
  • It takes into account all aspects of implementing the desired change.
  • It encourages consensus on the relative importance of factors on each side of the balance sheet.
  • It encourages open discussion of the underlying causes of a problem and its solution.

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