Supply & Demand Curve for PowerPoint

Supply & Demand Curve for PowerPoint– Supply and Demand law states that the two variables are inversely proportional. This means that when the Supply is high, the Demand is low, and otherwise. This simple yet practical PowerPoint template can present the economic model perfectly.

The model is composed of the supply curve, demand curve and the point where the variables meet which is considered as the equilibrium. Supply curve is a symbolic representation of the relationship between price of goods and its available supply. Demand curve illustrates the relationship of the amount of goods people are willing and able to purchase and the price, considering that all other factors remain constant. These factors or determinants are Income, Preferences, Prices of related goods and services, Consumer’s expectation and Number of potential customers. On the other hand, equilibrium means there is a balanced quantity for both demand and supply.

The slide designs are especially modified to fit economic price determination for the market. This can be done thru plotting the supply and demand curve in an overlapping graph like the one in the PowerPoint template.

In the first slide, the layout displays both demand curve and supply curve. Arrows with Demand and Supply terms are displayed in corresponding colors to the curves. In the second slide, the presenter is given a chance to elaborate on the text placeholders found at the right side of the layout. A detailed account of each variable can be highlighted on the 3rd and 4th slides. The third slide gives a venue for explanation about the supply schedule or curve. The fourth slide does the same with the demand curve variable.

Smart up presentations with the professional feel of Supply & Demand Curve for PowerPoint. Supply & Demand Equilibrium for PowerPoint is downloadable at the SlideModel gallery.

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