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Story Rollercoaster PowerPoint Template

The Story Rollercoaster PowerPoint Template is a presentation of plot development narrative arc. This diagram uses roller coaster as a metaphor for young readers to understand story writing patterns. The stories are as good as an adventure in them with all their twists and turns. Therefore, the instructors can use story rollercoaster layout to make an attractive presentation of narrative arc. This plot rollercoaster template shows seven segments of the narrative arc. And the rollercoaster helps illustrate story as an adventurous journey with exciting plot twists. Moreover, the 7 elements of story rollercoaster make an interactive PowerPoint presentation and enable students to develop creative connection of story plot. The story rollercoaster contains following seven elements:

  1. Exposition: Beginning of story with lots of unknowns. This is where writer develops characters.
  2. Inciting Incident: An event to begin the story and build interest.
  3. Rising Action: Series of events that build up excitement
  4. Climax: Similar to higher peak of roller coaster, story gets to its most interesting part.
  5. Falling Action: Here characters start to resolve conflicts.
  6. Resolution: Rollercoaster ride comes to an end. The ending of story leaves readers with questions or feedback.
  7. Denouement: Analyze how character transformed by going through experiences like the rollercoaster ride.

The Story Rollercoaster PowerPoint Template is a silhouette of amusement rides in blue and white color theme. However, the customization features of PowerPoint enable users to make changes in these colors and create attractive layouts. This concept metaphor PowerPoint template is an ideal tool for professionals in field of literature. Because it provides a basic model for developing plot of story. These 7 elements of story rollercoaster summarize the structure of almost all stories and movies in single view.

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