Narrative Arc PowerPoint Template

The Narrative Arc PowerPoint Template is an essential graph for creating literary story building. It is a plot diagram template that enables professional writers to develop story plots. This diagram allows writers to track changes in stories or characters while enhancing analytic skills. The PowerPoint graph template of the narrative arc includes four slides with different layout designs to demonstrate storytelling styles. Each of these narrative arcs has a beginning, climax, and resolution. However, the scenarios leading to climax and resolution vary. For example, the first slide of the narrative arc presents 7 levels for understanding storybooks and movies. This story arc includes the following 7 elements:

  1. Setup: An introduction to the story, i.e., primary characters and setting mood.
  2. Inciting incident: Present conflict that is the main goal to achieve or overcome.
  3. Rising action: Actions leading towards the climax
  4. Climax: A turning point for plot goals and main character.
  5. Success or failure: Action of climax
  6. Falling action: Discovering plot points, questions being answered, and character development.
  7. Resolution: End of story that can leave readers/ viewers with satisfaction or questions.

The Narrative Arc PowerPoint Template contains five steps and four steps story graphs in which you can describe and present the narrative flow with a visually appealing diagram. It provides a basic model for a clear beginning, middle, and end of the story. The presenters can choose thee cells to 6 sells narrative arcs depending on the story’s complexity. Further, these graphs of literary concepts are helpful for students to interact with books. Alternatively, find Hero’s Journey Editable Diagram for PowerPoint to describe the transformation of events in a circular diagram.

The PowerPoint diagram template of the Narrative arc is an editable set of slides because it provides various customization features, including gradient colors, background, and text.

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