Service Excellence Maturity Model PowerPoint Template

The Service Excellence Maturity Model PowerPoint Template features a graphical diagram to present the levels of customer service maturity. The customer service departments are responsible for organizational development. However, this service delivery doesn’t always meet the highest standards; that is where the service excellence maturity model comes to play. Professionals benchmark the service excellence maturity model to know the current level of their customer service. In other words, by studying various key performance indicators (KPIs) and estimating customer satisfaction, professionals asses their level of maturity. Through this, they develop strategic plans for introducing best practices and continuous system improvement. 

This Service Excellence Maturity Model PowerPoint Template shows a line graph illustration. It shows the two parameters: business focus (internal to external) on the y-axis & mindset (cost-driven to value-driven) on the x-axis. The slope of this graph is a growing arrow diagram with five milestones indicating the five stages of maturity, i.e., cost-centric, controlled service delivery, customer-centric, business alignment, and business partner. These points are marked on the arrow using circular points which carry the attached text boxes to add relevant descriptions. The design of the boxes varies on both slides of the template. The gradual ascend of the arrow depicts an increase in the external business focus in addition to a highly value-driven mindset of the service departments. 

Business professionals and consultants can use this editable slide template for multiple purposes. For instance, this diagram can be used in meetings for process improvement, employee engagement, betterment of service culture, change management, etc. Above all; this figure can be used according to the situation. The color scheme and font styles can be altered to fit the presentation’s theme. So, download and try this 100% editable PPT template. You can use it with all PowerPoint versions, Google Slides, and Keynote. 

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