Radar Chart Template for PowerPoint

Radar Chart Template for PowerPoint– Radar charts display information in 2D graphics. The chart can have three or more quantitative variables. Some popular names of Radar charts are web, spider, start and polygon charts. Appeal to professional audiences using Radar Chart Template for PowerPoint.

The diagram is perfect for quality development and product comparison demonstrations. It is ideal for performance metrics and concepts of sales. The chart is suited in analyzing commonality of variables. It can be used in sports where the user can outline the strengths and weaknesses of the players.

Each star or set of values in the chart is considered as one single observation. Usually, these graphing styles are used when there are multiple stars or observations in one presentation. The stars lie on the graph, sometimes overlapping each other in rare cases. They give a rectangular image in the chart. Divisions of the web refer to clusters of data. Each feature on the chart is meaningful such as the distance between every division. The presenter can easily find patterns in this PowerPoint design.

The presenter can find a radar chart in the center of the first slide. It has a circular grid. The slide design incorporates percentages around the PowerPoint diagram for additional function. The chart is illustrated on gray background with the star segments in black lines. The second slide showcases a more web-like grid. It contains percentage values like the first slide but has an additional vertical grid labels. Lastly, the third slide shows a web with vertical grid labels. The user can utilize the text placeholders on the right to elaborate on the variables and details of the subject.

Awe global audiences with beautiful infographics using Radar Chart Template for PowerPoint. The PowerPoint shapes are 100% customizable to suit the needs of the presenter. Data Driven Polar Charts for PowerPoint is a relative design with radar charts downloadable at the SlideModel gallery.

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