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Proximity Marketing PowerPoint Template

The Proximity Marketing PowerPoint Template is a creative infographic template for presenting different techniques and applications involved in proximity marketing. Proximity marketing or proximity-based marketing is a marketing method that targets potential customers nearby. The brands or organizations that use this methodology send images, texts, or other multi-media notifications to the visitors in different ways. These include Bluetooth beacon, NFC, WiFi technology, and QR Code Scanning

The Proximity Marketing PowerPoint Template is a slide deck of 10 slides. The slides of this template explain a particular concept using attractive visuals of human characters, cell phones, Bluetooth & WiFi symbols, etc. These graphics and icons help the audience to understand better the idea through visual communication.

The first slide of this proximity marketing template for PowerPoint and Google Slides represents the concept of geo-fencing and its application in proximity marketing. The geo-fencing is based on the physical location information gathered through mobile devices. Marketers use this technique to get the details about a person who enters the premises. Thus they connect to the visitors for sending marketing data. Users can use the further four slides for presenting different modes of proximity marketing that are: 

  • Bluetooth Beacons: This technique uses Bluetooth devices to connect with visitors’ devices and send the marketing material.
  • WiFi: Using WiFi signals from handsets, the marketers detect the location and thus communicate the marketing information.
  • Near Field Communication: The NFC tags on different marketing posters can connect the devices with NFC and thus enable a connection to send the promotional notifications.
  • QR Scan: The QR is a direct source of proximity marketing which involves the customers who scan the QR on posters billboards and go straight to the promotional pages of the brand.

Alternatively, you can use this proximity marketing slide template to prepare presentations on geofencing, RFID technology or Wi-Fi related topics.

In addition to these, there are some data-driven chart slides for the users to display some statistical data relevant to proximity marketing. All the components of this presentation template for proximity marketing topics, including placement of objects, color-scheme, and other objects, can be edited. Brands and Organizations can customize this proximity template for introducing the concept of proximity marketing to their sales & marketing teams. The marketing template design is entirely editable using Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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