PEST Analysis Diagrams for PowerPoint

PEST Analysis Diagrams for PowerPoint is a selection of outstanding PowerPoint designs on business concepts. PEST stands for Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors of an organization or company. The slides contain colorful shapes and diagrams. The comprehensive graphics can surely aid the audience towards high information retention.

PEST Analysis is a strategic tool that scans the environment for threats and opportunities. The first step is identifying the elements that affect change in the environment. Unlike SWOT Analysis, PEST Analysis is done in a bigger scale or a more general perspective. Each component is analyzed before the final elements are entered in the diagram. A political has to be done before results can be written in the Political portion of the diagram. The model can help the user evolve the business to allow positive changes. The determined threats can be avoided by not accommodating projects that are not feasible to the working environment. It develops an objective point of view and removes bias.

There are 3 slides in the PowerPoint template. The first slide shows a circle in the center that contains the title or main topic. It is surrounded by 4 overlapping diamonds. These are labelled and colored as the following:

Political factors- green
Economic factors- yellow
Social factors- light blue
Technological factors- dark blue

The second slide features meaningful icons that symbolize the PEST components. Corresponding text boxes are placed alongside these icons. Finally, the 3rd slide has a unique layout with horizontal, colored text placeholders.

The perfect use PEST Analysis Diagrams for PowerPoint is in presenting the components of PEST Analysis in graphical forms. The diagrams can be independent presentations. They can supplement broader ideas or complement a SWOT Analysis. The tool can be used in a business or personal level.

Standard reports can be enhanced by stunning visuals from PEST Analysis Diagrams for PowerPoint. PEST Analysis PowerPoint Template is a 3D collection downloadable from the SlideModel gallery.

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