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PPT Template Slide with Marketing Pie Chart Diagram
Marketing Pie Chart Template for PowerPoint
Marketing Presentation Slide with Color Coded Pie Chart

Showcase the division of your market segments, budget, and shares with our Marketing Pie Chart PowerPoint Template. In marketing presentations, professionals prefer using graphical elements to discuss their analysis with teams. We have designed this pie chart template to facilitate our marketing industry users in the process of creating compelling presentations. This template is an an-easy-edit multi-segment pie chart. Users can apply this diagram for many uses. For instance, it can help denote the budget divisions for different marketing channels and purposes, e.g., social media marketing or print media marketing. Similarly, presenters can showcase their marketing segments in percentages with this data-driven marketing pie chart.

The Marketing Pie Chart PowerPoint Template consists of four template slides. The first slide shows the colored diagram with three color-coded pie chart segments. These three segments are arranged around the core element showing a clipart icon. Users can replace this icon and change the text (percentages) on each pie chart segment according to the presented values. The slide also carries the color legend on the bottom and three text boxes to add relevant details for each point. These text boxes are colored correspondingly with the pie chart segments and contain representative graphical icons. After the first slide, the following slides highlight each segment on-by-one. This effect is created by coloring one segment of the chart and the relevant text box on the slide while greying the rest of the elements.

Professionals can discuss each point in more detail with this creative spotlight effect. Marketing teams can discuss the budget allocations and the respective goals for every spending with this marketing pie chart template. In addition to marketing presentations, professionals can also apply this PPT template for their business or educational presentations. This template can help represent the parts of the annual budget or financial distribution for different departments in company presentations. So, grab this 100% editable pie chart template for your presentations on PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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