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The GROW Model Template for PowerPoint is a modern layout for corporate coaching. Using these slides, professionals can better recognize and set up their goals by looking deep into the practical issues and implications. The GROW model was developed based on the Inner Game theory. It is a simple framework that enables professionals to streamline their action plan to achieve goals. In business and project management, the mentors or coaches follow this model to address the problem and dig into the underlying causes behind the leggings. This PPT template provides editable slides that can help the professionals discuss the four stages of the GROW model or present the analysis before the audience.

The GROW is an acronym for four key terms or steps which are observed while following this problem-solving model, i.e.,

  • Goals: It refers to setting the goals based on the requirements. In this phase, the coach raises questions regarding the issue and narrows down the scenario to a pinpoint goal.
  • Realities: Consideration of facts based on analysis is included in this stage. The shortcomings, drawbacks of the constituent process, etc., are taken into account.
  • Obstacles/Options: Based on the realities, goal-oriented options are considered. Specific action plans are laid down for each option and followed accordingly.
  • Way Forward: This is the phase where the coachee uses the will to decide and act upon any available options.

The GROW Model Template for PowerPoint helps in the visual representation of these four steps. The first two slides show tilted flashcard visuals, each representing the stages of the GROW model. The following slides display these four phases one by one, where presenters can add the relevant descriptions. Lastly, a circular diagram depicts the continuity of the GROW steps using joint arrows. Users can describe the summary of the process using this representation. All the slides in this template are editable, i.e., users can change the colors and font styles and edit the placeholder text. So, download this PPT template to engage your audience through the attractive visuals. If you are looking for other business goal-related templates, the SMART Goals templates and presentation slides can be of help.

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