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Future of Transportation PowerPoint Template

The Future of Transportation PowerPoint Template is designed to showcase futuristic transportation technologies in their infancy to become a reality soon. The attractive graphics and illustrations included in this PowerPoint slides deck can help automobile organizations and business personnel discuss future transportation in detail. The pictorial representation of innovative transportation like hyperloop and passenger drones helps visualize the mobility revolution. You can also use the template for topics such as electricity or slides requiring electric car infographic designs.

This transportation PowerPoint template is a slide deck of 13 slides created to display a specific concept. For instance, the underground tunnel transport is shown using two-car graphics moving along the tunnel lines on the first slide. Similarly, the hyperloop and autonomous bus models are sketched on the following slides. Hyperloops are specialized vehicles called pods that move faster using electric propulsion. In contrast, autonomous buses are driverless AI-guided vehicles. Both these transportation technologies are invented for covering longer distances within a shorter time.

Further, there are slides about car driving technology induced in cars and autonomous buses. These vehicles contain radar systems sensors and are guided with Artificially intelligent software to make them behave as naturally as possible. The concept of passenger drones and E-hailing rides is also depicted through appropriate graphics. E-hailing rides are a transportation technology that customers book using a mobile application. Presenters can edit the other slides with placeholder heading to display other technologies not mentioned here. Also, these slides can be employed to discuss the benefits and specifications of each transportation technology.

The Future of Transportation PowerPoint Template includes data-driven editable charts and 6-step infographic slides to represent the agenda and statistics. Automobile organizations, machine learning, and robotics engineers or business professionals can apply this template for discussing the future of transportation. This transportation PPT template is 100% editable using PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides. Users can edit each component of the slide template according to their requirements and prepare their engaging presentations within minutes!

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