Flat Hand Shapes for Identity Recognition PowerPoint

Develop great infographics using Flat Hand Shapes for Identity Recognition PowerPoint. The PowerPoint template features flat hands that show gestures. The design is made for technical and structured presentation approach of looking for people or identity recognition. The cool colors found in the background give a calm feel in the overall report.

In general, identity recognition is used in government, law enforcement, surveillance and security. Popular association is by detectives or policemen to find suspects and solve crime cases. It is one of the most important part of an investigation. Looking for fingerprints is one of the effective ways of looking for traces of a person’s identification. In the business world, identity recognition is likewise used in commercial security, and access management.

The first slide allows the presenter to detail on how fingerprints are formed. Each finger has its own set of fingerprints. In the second slide, the graphic exhibits a world map silhouette. The presenter can use this to express the process of locating a lead. The third slide has a thumbs up picture that can depict a positive result on the identity recognition. The fifth one can present the interconnection of all the available evidence. The last slide in the PowerPoint template displays a hand holding what we call a magnifying glass. The user can summarize how the case was solved and briefly explain how the suspect was identified for a wrap-up.

The PowerPoint template is ideal for case discussions among investigators and their clients alike. It is also good when a case review is being conducted or a simple orientation about the process of fingerprint retribution. Text placeholders and shapes are 100% adjustable. The colors can be customized to suit the needs of the user and give a conversational feel on the presentation.

Hook global audiences with Flat Hand Shapes for Identity Recognition PowerPoint.

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