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The Eisenhower PowerPoint Slides Template is a matrix design containing 2×2 cells. The creative graph template illustrates a board with sticky notes to highlight daily tasks. Explaining the priority of work is easy when you use the Eisenhower priority matrix. It is a simple and easy-to-understand model for classifying work into four categories. Professionals in every fir use the Eisenhower model to explain project plans and allocate work to the team. The four parts of the Eisenhower matrix template depict notice boards with sticky notes. The template design lets users explain the list of tasks in each category using these sticky notes.

Eisenhower Model is a method of analyzing priorities based on the importance and urgency of work. Any task that is time-sensitive is dealt with as urgent or not urgent. On the other hand, work that is critical and needs the expert’s attention is important. Eisenhower’s framework highlights the level of urgency on the x-axis of the matrix and the level of importance on y-axis. Eisenhower PowerPoint Slides Template shows 4 segments that represent a relationship between urgent, not urgent, important, and not important.

Eisenhower templates show the high priority category as urgent and important. You can list down the tasks that need immediate attention. Presentation of these tasks helps team members to track assigned tasks and their priorities. Add entries of urgent and not important work in the delegate segment where tasks are reallocated to another team member. The schedule part of Eisenhower contains work that you will do later. The deleted segment has a list of tasks that are not important or urgent.

Alternatively, download 100% editable priority matrix templates and presentation slides for PowerPoint or Google Slides, or combine them with other priority matrix templates and slides, like the 4D Matrix design (Do, Delay, Delegate, Drop) in the Action Evaluation matrix template.

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