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Eisenhower’s decision matrix is a method of prioritizing work based on urgency or importance. Once all the work is sorted into important/ not important and urgent/not urgent categories, you can implement the individual actions. The urgent and important matters are the top priority that must be started immediately. The urgent work that is not important can be delegated to another team member.

The Eisenhower Matrix Slides Template for PowerPoint is a 2×2 matrix diagram for prioritizing tasks. Eisenhower’s decision matrix is also known as an urgent-important matrix to classify work according to urgency and importance. When you have to present several management activities for the team, use Eisenhower Matrix slides to discuss task priority. This template helps you communicate an action plan for team management presentations. Three layouts of the Eisenhower matrix contain placeholders to list down task headings and descriptions. In project planning, the Eisenhower model is helpful to explain who will do, delegate, reschedule, or delete tasks. The matrix diagram of Eisenhower is a simple and effective time management tool used during business strategy planning. Professionals use simple PPT diagrams in weekly team meetings to review project status and define strategic actions.

The Eisenhower Matrix Slide Template for PowerPoint provides a data table to present tasks and their attributes. You can explain the value, for example, estimated hours, effort, impact, and score for each task. From here, use color codes as a reference for Eisenhower classification. Eisenhower matrix diagram slides can be used for presenting task management techniques and prioritization techniques. The template contains a 3D shape in the presentation slides and it contains clipart icons to visually represent do, delegate, reschedule, and delete segments of the diagram. Users can customize the slides of the Eisenhower matrix including 4 slides to explain each category, or alternatively, download other priority matrix templates with quadrants to communicate priorities to an audience, and fully compatible with PowerPoint or Google Slides.

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