Customer Journey Map Horizontal PowerPoint Funnel

Horizontal Funnel for Customer Journey Experience
Presentation of Customer Journey Map Experience

What is a customer journey map? A customer journey map is a business analysis technique to understand customers’ experience with the brand. The customer experience journey mapping is a roadmap that tells a story of how customers interact with the company. In this way, businesses gain insights into customers’ pain points towards optimizing features or personalizing the customer experience. The roadmap visualizes the customer journey, also known as the buyer’s or users’ journey map.

The purpose of the customer journey map is to visualize and understand customers’ needs and what motivates them. The customer journey map example could identify how customers interact with the brand and improve services. Moreover, this technique enables the team to address users’ needs better. Such as enhancing the quality of service, consistency, seamless experience across channels, and more.

Customer Journey Map Horizontal PowerPoint Funnel is a pre-design diagram template. It includes five steps roadmap of the customer experience marketing funnel. There are two slides available with black and white PowerPoint background options. The users can easily copy and adjust slides according to the presentation color theme. Moreover, the graphic components of the customer journey map template will enhance the visual representation of the journey map. Each clipart icon is a metaphor for steps involved in the customer journey map. The overall horizontal diagram depicts a two-way funnel of customer experience. More funnel-style user journey map templates are available in the SlideModel collection—for instance, Hourglass Marketing Funnel PowerPoint Template and 6-Step Hour Glass Funnel.

PowerPoint templates of a customer journey map demonstrate a high-level overview of 5 customer journey stages. This Customer Journey Map Horizontal PowerPoint Funnel diagram mainly focuses on pre-purchase processes. These stages are:

  1. Awareness: Create the need for product or service
  2. Search: Consumers search for products to fulfill the need
  3. Research: Evaluate value offers from different brands
  4. Purchase: The consumer makes the purchase
  5. Experience: Use of products and returns for more purchases

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