Marketing Hourglass PowerPoint Template

Customer Journey Concept Hourglass

The Marketing Hourglass PowerPoint Template contains a full-size five level diagram. It presents a number of processes as funnel that scales down and expands further. However, unlike traditional funnel, this diagram is an upgrade of the customer journey. Because, this diagram illustrates how customer journey does not end at purchase, instead, it is a lifecycle beyond sale. The marketing hourglass is ideal presentation to accumulate brand strategies for customer loyalty. This slide is a quick tool to approach viewers with visually appealing methods to provide information. Because it shows an ordinary object as metaphor to present marketing ideas and strategies. And, audience can relate to familiar illustrations which could assist in understanding the basic concept of presentation.

The Marketing hourglass diagram presents a generic product purchase cycle from lead generation to promoting brand. Therefore, this PowerPoint template contains pre-explanatory textual content, assisting marketing professional to plan strategies. The presenter can edit text placeholders with product related information. The five stages of marketing hourglass include:

  1. Cold Lead – Getting attention and building credibility
  2. Warm Lead – Getting in contact with potential customers i.e. nurturing lead
  3. Hot Lead – Sale
  4. Customer – Providing after sale service
  5. Referral – Brand loyalty

The Marketing Hourglass PowerPoint Template as double-ended funnel could be used to highlight opportunities and plans. Hence it is a multi-purpose professional presentation design that could assist management team in many ways. Moreover, users can change the colors, size, and add effects to personalize this hourglass diagram according to pre-define presentation theme. The hourglass design can be part of a business presentation or marketing slide, alternatively the user may download other marketing PowerPoint templates.

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