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7 Stage Circular Sequence PowerPoint Diagram
7 Steps Numbered Circular Flow for PowerPoint
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Creative Liquid Circles PowerPoint Diagram is a template that contains an assortment of generic yet visually attractive PowerPoint icons and circular connected shapes. They may be used to represent any progression or sequence of tasks, events or processes.  These standard, non-specific PowerPoint clipart could represent quite a number of ideas or concepts relatable to corporate organizations and businesses. The Creative Circles PowerPoint diagram will be most suitable for presentations involving 7 steps or stages, or those that include bulleted lists.

Choose this unique template with cool circles liquid design for presentations that involve a continuing procedure of an event or task in constant looping movement. Although no arrows can be seen connecting the circles, there is sequence nevertheless through numbering. The colourful PowerPoint slides set in blue background will captivate the attention of the audience. When presentations are attractive and visually interesting, the presenter may be able to focus more on the core message that needs to be communicated.

Replace bulleted lists with the set of flat material icons provided. They feature common scenes and are therefore applicable to so many subject matters. The familiar icons will enable the audience to recognize concepts more quickly, understand the points better and actually enjoy the presentation.

The PowerPoint icons are high-definition vectorial graphics and modification to their appearance will not affect the image resolution. The presenter may customize the size and color of any of the PowerPoint clipart in order to suit the presenter’s need or requirement.The arrangement of the icons can be edited, or replaced with any of our Professional PowerPoint Icons. The cool, blue background color is soothing to the eye and is an ideal setting for formal PowerPoint presentations, but the user can adapt to its need or theme preference. Detailed captions or brief explanations may be added in the placeholder specifically indicated.

Create Professional Presentations that appeal to global audiences with our  Creative Liquid Circles PowerPoint Diagram.

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