Consulting Report PowerPoint Template

Title Slide for Consultancy Report Template
Consultancy Report Slide Template for Agenda Points
PPT Template Slide for High-Level Summary
Background Scenario Slide with Images
Editable Background Key Facts Slide Template
Consultancy Report Presentation - Research Approach Slide
Editable Research Approach Slide for PowerPoint
Presentation Slide for Consultancy Findings with Map
PPT Slide Template for Consultancy Report Presentation
Data-Driven Bar Graph for Consultancy Findings
Line Graph Slide for Consultancy Findings Presentation
Slide Template with Three Editable Bar Charts
Editable Donut Chart Slide for Showing the Consultancy Findings
PowerPoint Chart for Presenting the Consultancy Findings
Map Slide for Presenting the Consultancy Findings
Slide Template for Consultancy Recommendations
Editable Ending Slide with Image - Consulting PPT Template

Our Consulting Report PowerPoint Template is a slide deck for consultancy firms to present their analysis and research reports. Business or strategy consultants are permanently attached to businesses and provide expert advice at different points in decision-making. Some companies have internal consultants, while others hire consultants on a need basis. These consultants (or consultancy groups) work according to the situation and then provides a thorough report, addressing the concerns of the hiring party. This consultancy report template is designed to help the consultants prepare their reports. This layout allows professionals to easily cover all the details in a single presentation. More than one slide is provided on each subject to facilitate presenters.

The Consulting Report PowerPoint Template begins with an image slide showing a semi-transparent text box for the title of the presentation. Following this header slide are the slides for:

  • Agenda slide: It is a numbering slide with a placeholder image to list the report’s key points.
  • High-level summary: This slide has two text columns to showcase the report’s summary. Further, users can add an executive’s picture with name & designation by replacing the image placeholder.
  • Background Scenario: The background scenario slide provides a professional layout with five blocks to mention the background details with images.
  • Background Key Facts: This project status report PowerPoint template carries four infographic circular sections with icons and text boxes to discuss the deductions from the background details.
  • Research approach: Different research approaches are used by consultants depending upon the situation and industry. Presenters can show these approaches with this modern design slide having block designs.
  • Findings: The key findings are the areas of major concern in any consultancy report. So, this business consultancy template provides five graphical slides to showcase what the consultants have learned during their research and study. Also, there are map slides with infographic elements to particularly discuss the area distribution and related stats.
  • Recommendations: In the end, there is a recommendation infographic slide to present the conclusion of the whole consultancy results.

So, by downloading this Consulting Report PowerPoint Template, users can prepare a comprehensive consultancy report for any industry or business. These slides are fully customizable and can be used in other presentations. Our users can conveniently use our business consultancy report template with all PowerPoint versions, Google Slides and Keynote.

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