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The Checklist Timeline Concept for PowerPoint is an infographic horizontal roadmap. Checklist is often referred to as a list of activities required to finish a task. It reduces the risk of failure when a person checks out activities sequentially one after the other in a process. The points on checklist are usually instructions or guidelines to consider while reviewing an entire process. It can also depict a milestone, ensuring completeness in carrying out a task. The infographic presentation of checkmarks in PowerPoint increases the visual significance of timeline. Since it is a common concept, the design can assist in delivering message at personal level.

The Checklist Timeline Concept for PowerPoint shows a complete path divided into three slides. These slides, with the help of PowerPoint transitions, create a moving forward design. Each milestone on editable checklist template either has red cross button or green tick mark. These demonstrate a complete or incomplete section of a process. Moreover, the template provides a range of infographic icons, representing each segment of checklist timeline. This timeline concept is suitable for product development and quality assurance reviews. For example, in software development project, checklist timeline could display which requirements of client are met or not.

The animated PowerPoint checklist template displays clipart and text placeholder against every milestone. But the last slide contains 34 useful icons including the right and wrong button. The users can copy and replace the desired icons in their presentation. Furthermore, they can replace the round shape of PowerPoint check mark with square shape. And, use small tick to checkmark the box. These checklists are used worldwide in almost every industry and walk of life. The simplest example could be “To-do list”, which, individuals make every day to keep them organized. Whereas, the more advance checklist type could be the quality assurance and audit checklists during quality management process.

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