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Brand Identity Prism PPT Template - Dark Background

Indicate the six structural elements of your brand identity using our Brand Identity Prism PowerPoint Template. Like human identity, a brand identity refers to how others (customers) perceive your brand. The brand identity prism, also known as Kapferer’s brand identity prism, is a visual marketing model to portray the components of your brand identity. This PowerPoint template is a creative illustration of this model, which has editable sections to add the relevant details and present your business identity before the audience. There are three designs available for this model, and users can choose between them and customize them to use in the presentation.

The brand identity prism is a hexagonal diagram, where each of its sections corresponds to facets of brand identity. The central hexagons have the space to add the brand logo. It is divided into three sections(which are further divided into two segments each). The upper triangular section represents the Picture of Sender that includes the Physique and Personality characteristics of the brand. These attributes describe the physical characteristics and culture of the brand. The triangular section of the lower side of the prism showcases the corresponding Picture of Receiver attributes, i.e., Self Image and Reflection. This segment considers how customers assume about using the brand and who you want your customers to be. We recommend checking the article on brand essence wheel for more information on brand identity topics.

The central section of the prism also has two components: 1- Externalization(Relationship of your brand with the customers) and 2- Internalization (The Cultural trackback of your brand, the mission, and the purpose to live). This way, all the segments of your brand identity are well covered, ranging from customer interaction, culture, design, logo, and value proposition. Business and marketing executives can edit this PPT layout and prepare the brand identity presentations. All three formats contain editable text areas. Users can also choose any of the background color variants of these slides and incorporate them in presentations. This Brand Identity Prism PowerPoint Template is 100% editable using PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote.

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