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Create a striking yet easy to follow banking presentation using the Banking PowerPoint Template.  This design incorporates relevant banking aspects through familiar icons such the currency signs, dollar bills, vault, time and other useful icons significant to the banking industry. This PowerPoint template is completely editable. Its background can be set to plain colors or to an image such as the world map. It has several clipart that accentuate the banking idea in each slide. The template also has PowerPoint clipart that are scalable depending on the user’s preference. It could be used as a small icon or as the main illustration in the slide.  The presenter can use this banking template and its banking icons set as it is or with other PowerPoint Diagrams in our gallery.

A bank’s main business transactions concern money or cash and other monetary instruments.  Banking institutions starts making money by earning the trust people whom eventually make deposits to the bank. The bank safe keeps the depositors’ money while making them earn a nominal interest. However, banks don’t just keep the money as an actual physical deposit stored in their vault. Banks lend these “deposits” to businesses and individuals and place significant amount of interest on those barrowed money.  Through time, the banking industry has developed several other products that work similarly as money. One of which is the credit card. A credit card is a popular term used for a credit account in a banking institution. It is commonly utilized by an electronically capable plastic card. These cards store the owner’s credit and personal information. This information has also become accessible through the online banking system, enabling the user to use the account in online transactions without the actual plastic card. This transaction set-up has now evolved to a different type accessibility known as mobile banking. It is the ability of the user to make online transactions using a mobile phone equipped with the bank’s mobile application.

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