Animated Spaceship Roadmap Concept for PowerPoint

Roadmap PowerPoint Spaceship Concept
Animated Timeline Presentation Galaxy
Animated Rocket Timeline Slide
Outer Space Galaxy Background

The Animated Spaceship Roadmap Concept for PowerPoint is a presentation design that could be used to present an yearly performance review or a product roadmap. The template provides a fantastic galaxy background to illustrate the space concept and uses the modern morph transition to animate the timeline producing a nice parallax effect. The spaceship, which could also depict the rocket can aid in discussing a range of outer space concepts. For example, history of men in space, Apollo flights, NASA programs, and deep space concepts. The horizontal timeline PowerPoint has a clean layout of milestones connecting over a horizontal line. In business presentation, the timelines are important for creating strategic plans, project proposals or development, sales, and marketing reports. Further, presenting the events gets easier in horizontal timeline. Therefore, the spaceship roadmap concept can assist in demonstrating the timeline of appropriate projects.

The Animated Spaceship Roadmap Concept for PowerPoint provides two illustrations of rocket moving from one end to another. There are four slides, demonstrating two animation layouts in spaceship roadmap template. Although these animations of spaceship across 2018-2029, and 2020-2025 are morph transitions, applied only once. The users can duplicate slides to create transition for each year. To do so, copy first slide showing space shuttle on the left. Click on spaceship clipart and select the morph option from transition menu. Next, drag the clipart to the desired point for moving effect on new location. This could be done for each milestone in the template. Hence, copy slides and continue to create an animation.

The animated presentation of spaceship could be used as a complete roadmap presentation by adding more slides or combining it with other PowerPoint templates. Or, presenter can use these slides of spaceship roadmap concept as a part of another presentation. The use of graphic clipart and animation in PowerPoint have a long-standing impact on audience. This timeline is suitable for demonstrating business growth and achieving long-term goals. Because the rockets are often used as metaphor for success. But it could also be used in educational presentation to make learning more interactive.

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