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ADKAR Change Management PowerPoint Templates

The ADKAR® Change Management PowerPoint Templates is inspired by business model technique with precise goal in mind. It assists change management teams for focus on specific objectives and results. The ADKAR® management tool is designed to identify activities within the organization, plan communication and training to achieve desired outcomes. ADKAR® is comprise of 5 steps including Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Action and Reinforcement. The first three stages come under enablement zone (development phase) and the last two are categorized under the engagement zone (implementation and monitoring). All the five elements of ADKAR® are required to completed in a defined sequence to assure successful implementation. The purpose of each step is as follow:

  1. Awareness – Need of change
  2. Desire – Factors which motivate individuals to participate in change
  3. Knowledge – Planning our tasks and responsibilities
  4. Ability – Implementation of change management plan
  5. Reinforcement – Monitoring and control to assure success

This set of ADKAR®Change Management PowerPoint Template slides contain a graphic representation of the framework compiling the change model. It consists of three set of change cycle diagrams to understand one concept through different point of views. First, is an arrow shaped Prosci Model defining each of 5 steps highlighted in five separate slides. One of the slides provides a comparison chart template of change management methodology and Lean Six Sigma Methodology which is used for quality assurance/control management. The template also contains an illustration which is very useful during trainings; it shows the process involved throughout and its interrelationship of all five steps. This detailed PowerPoint diagram helps understand complexity of activities involved with the aid of an easy visual representation. It is an editable PowerPoint presentation template; users can modify it according to project requirements and get audience’s appraisal for delivering knowledge in most understandable way.

ADKAR® is one of many change management models aiding in development of organizational culture transition processes. It involves reforming at individual level of resources and their needs and how to alter their behavior towards set of work rules. In this fast pace of technology, the business culture revolutionizes quickly and companies need to adapt changes to catch up with new developments. This framework is useful in both planning and execution phase to setup an environment for those effected by change and their ability to adopt new methods without difficulties in a new change implementation plan.

Although the PowerPoint is best suited for business management professionals working in project environment. This self-explanatory presentation template can be used for educational purposes, training students and employees.

Users can check the Business PowerPoint Templates gallery and explore additional change management models for their presentations.

The ADKAR® change management process was developed and is registered by Prosci, Inc.

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