Flat DMAIC PowerPoint Template

Flat DMAIC PowerPoint Template is a PowerPoint template inspired by DMAIC framework also knows as Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control. DMAIC steps can be described as follows:

  • Define. Define the goals of an improvement activity. For example, at the top level the goals can be strategic objectives of an organization such as increase overall sales or get higher Return on Investment. At the operations level goals can be defined as improving the number of tickets or phone calls answered by Help Desk or customer support team.
  • Measure. Measure the system by setting valid and reliable metrics to help monitor progress towards the goals previously defined.
  • Analyze. Analyze the system to identify ways to eliminate the gap between the current performance of the system and the goals that you have defined in the first step.
  • Improve. Improve the system by finding creative ways to do things better, faster and cheaper. For example, switching your current in-house programming team to use cheaper SaaS services, outsourcing a complete department, etc.
  • Control. Control the new system to make sure everything is working as expected and aligned to the plan.

The approach seems simple but it is actually not so easy to implement. However, the benchmark in the market for companies who use DMAIC justify the effort and budget spent to use this kind of frameworks. It is well known that companies successfully implementing DMAIC and Six Sigma processes can perform better than other businesses in the same industry getting an improvement on ROS (Return on Sales), Employment Growth, Share Prices as well as Sales.

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