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PPT 6W Model Template Slide
Customer Analysis 6W Approach - Who Question Slide
What Question Spotlight Slide - 6W Model Template
6W Presentation Model - Where Question Spotlight Slide
6W Customer Analysis Approach Presentation Template
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PPT Template Slide for Why Not Question

Indicate the findings of your customer analysis using our editable 6W Model PowerPoint Template. The 6W approach is extremely valuable in customer analysis to define the target customers (suppliers, traders, and end-consumers), their buying intent, and specific requirements. By acting according to the results of this analysis, companies can re-think and alter their marketing strategies to produce better results. The 6W model is used to present six basic questions about the potential buyers, which include:

  • Who – Who are our customers?
  • What – What do the customers do with our products?
  • Where – Where do our customers use our products or services?
  • When – When do our customers buy our products or services?
  • Why – Why did our customers decide to buy our products?
  • Why Not – Why do our customers decide NOT to buy our products?

Professionals usually go through desk interviews to gather the answers or compare data sets to produce realistic solutions. This approach helps define the issue under discussion from all possible aspects, i.e., why, who, where, etc. Our 6W Model PowerPoint Template is an editable slide template to present such results in a tabulated, arranged manner. The slide is divided into six vertical columns, each represented with a distinct color.

These vertical segments of the 6W Model PowerPoint Template slide carry a representative graphic icon, a dark ribbon for title words, e.g., Who, What, Where, When, Why, Why Not, and editable text areas with question statements. Presenters can conveniently mention their results in the respective segments. The first slide shows the colored diagram; the following slides spotlight each piece individually. This effect enables the users to discuss each segment in detail separately. Users can completely edit this PowerPoint template according to their theme and incorporate their details. This 6W Model PowerPoint Template is also editable with Google Slides and Keynote.

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