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5S Straighten Diagram Set In Order
5S Shine Diagram

5S Diagram for PowerPoint is a real application of the 5 step diagram design for PowerPoint presentations that you can download and use to create presentations on Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen using the 5S Methodology.

5S is an organizational methodology to effectively organize and monitor the flow of a process. The 5 words used in this technique are Sort, Straighten, Shine, Systemize and Sustain. Each of these has its own meaning and the PowerPoint template depicts all of them in a sequence. Japanese started this concept of 5 stages and it lead to the technique of Just in Time Manufacturing, one of the most used in manufacturing industry. Different stages of the process are shown on the curved arrows.

This professional presentation template is showing flow of a process. The presentation template starts with an overview of the whole process followed by description of each stage. First part of it elaborates the Sort step dealing with selecting the necessary resources for the process and getting rid of the unnecessary ones. Required items can be listed in bullets for further analysis and monitoring. The next step is to arrange all the resources properly and make full use of them, the Straighten step. Shine includes the monitoring of process and the environment around. Systemize reflects quality inspection and modifications of the product to maintain a standard. Final stage is Sustain and it deals with the storage and maintenance of the products in a flow.

One thing to notice of this circular org chart template is the thin portion around the 5S diagram. It can be used to add some text like the company’s moto or some motivational quote. The layout of this ppt template animates with each stage by focusing only one stage a time as the presentation goes on and dims the other stages. It completes a rotation by covering all the stages and highlighting the main points adjacent to the 5S diagram. It can also be used as 30 60 90 day plan template with each curved arrow showing a regular interval of some days to make a project timeline as well.

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