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Exhibit your business ideas in an eye-catching PowerPoint presentation using the 4 Folding Segments Origami Arrow. This template exhibit an origami inspired business process diagram. This design  has few and consistent objects that are directly associated with the presentation’s topic. The simplicity of this template helps the audience to focus more on the thoughts and messages conveyed in the presentation. The design’s idea is an origami arrow folded in four parts. It essentially creates four small arrows that form one big arrow.  Fundamentally, the illustration consists of four steps linked together, forming a single process. In this design, the arrow objects can be enlarged or presented in a smaller version to allow some space for a textbox in each slide. In addition, the texts in both the arrows and textbox use reverse colors for a clearer view from the audience. Also, these arrows can be presented together or highlighted individually through a color pattern design. This template is great on its own or paired with other shapes in our PowerPoint Diagram gallery.

The art of origami originated in Japan. It’s a systematic folding of papers at certain angles to form a shape of animals, plants and other things.  This folding system doesn’t require scissors or bonding agents yet it creates three-dimensional objects through specific folds done in a piece of paper.  Origami follows a strict way of folding papers in order to create a specific shape or form. If the folding methods are not followed precisely, the resulting shape will not look like the desired form or will not have its desired features. This art of paper folding is also applied in table settings during special occasions. It is often seen in table napkins and covers.  The principle of origami is also applied to many business processes that are required to be followed religiously. Otherwise, the process will not produce the desired end result.

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