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3D Circular Platforms for PowerPoint

The 3D Circular Platforms for PowerPoint is a presentation template featuring different versions of connected circular 3D platform clipart. The presenter can apply the design to highlight products or concepts to empower the presentation message. A platform implies that the featured element is notable and deserves recognition. In a business context, a platform design can be used within marketing brochures and banners to highlight certain product. The raised perspective enhances the  view f the product from all angles, showing its features.

Metaphorically, the circular platform shapes can represent certain components of a generic process. The colors of the platforms can be mapped to a specific type of task and the order can indicate the sequence in the process. The pipes that connect the platforms represent their relationship, and the depth in the angle, its importance.

Three different types of presentation designs are provided. The first slide design shows four interconnected platforms, colored gray, blue, green, and orange. The clipart is locate in a 4 vertex square, formed by the pipes. A 45 degree angle and the different sizes of the platforms, generates a depth effect. The second design is an open graphs, where the center platform is highlighted with a red background. Finally a linear dotted path is presented, where the 3D platforms resemble the dots.

Each of the platform objects are created as PowerPoint shapes. The 3D effects are created with native PowerPoint features and the connectors pipes are line shapes with volume effect.

Create a simple diagram to explain a multi step process, or describe a topic with interrelated facts with the 3D Circular Platforms for PowerPoint.

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