3 Steps Onion Diagrams for PowerPoint

3 Steps Onion Diagrams for PowerPoint is an editable & simple Onion diagram with 3 levels that you can use to represent business models in your PowerPoint presentations.

Onion diagrams are used to represent a system within concentric circles. You can use onion diagrams to represent a component that is dependent of other inner components using circles inside. Onion diagrams are used as a visual representation and helps to share a message when used in a PowerPoint presentation.

This 3 Step Onion diagram PowerPoint template let you easily create basic onion diagram of up to 3 steps using PowerPoint shapes with a clear visual representation and make a strong visual impact.

You can use Onion Diagrams in business presentations and other areas of interest, including Business Analysis Planning & Monitoring. For example, you can use Onion Diagram to conduct a business stakeholders analysis and present the results in a PowerPoint presentation. The stakeholder presentation can display a Stakeholder Onion Diagram with different circles representing the layer or stakeholders in an organization.

Alternatively you can download other PowerPoint templates and slide designs including Venn Diagrams for presentations.

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