How to Edit Master Slide in Google Slides

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The master slide editor in a presentation app is meant to enable editing of the theme and layouts for the presentation deck. Slide Master in PowerPoint is often used to make changes to PowerPoint templates by editing the sample layouts to cater to the presenter’s needs. The master slide in a Google Slides template can be used for the same purpose.

How to Edit Slide Master in Google Slides

To edit the master slide in Google Slides, go to Slide -> Edit Theme.

Edit Master Slides in Google Slides

Edit Office Theme in Google Slides

The master slide or Office Theme can be edited to reflect major changes to the entire template. This is the slide at the very top of the slide master. In this example, we added a logo to the master slide to reflect the change across all slides in the template.

Make changes to Master Slide in Google Slides

Customize Google Slides Layouts

Similarly, you can look for individual layouts and make changes to them. When you select a layout, a count will show how many slides are currently using the layout. This can be found on the top of the layout. In the example below, the layout is ‘used by 1 slide’, as indicated in the image below.

How to customize Google Slides layout

By making changes to the master theme or layouts in the slide, you can incorporate minor and major changes. These can include changes to reflect your custom branding, layout designs that you might need to use often, or other preferences that can help you make the most of the edited template version.

Complete result of editing master slide in Google Slides

Final Words

Be it the master slide or individual layouts that need to be edited to reflect changes to match the presenter’s needs, slide master in Google Slides works pretty much the same as in PowerPoint.

With a few tweaks, you can reflect minor or major changes to your Google Slides templates and enhance productivity by circumventing the need to periodically edit slides to fit them to a specific layout format.

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