How to Zoom in on Google Slides

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When designing Google Slides templates or presenting a deck in normal mode, you can zoom n and out of slides and adjust the zoom percentage according to need.

How to Zoom in Google Slides

To Zoom in Google Slides, you can use the following methods: 

Method 1: Go to View -> Zoom to zoom in or out, or pick a percentage to zoom your slides.

Accessing zoom options in Google via View Menu

Method 2: You can also reveal zoom options in Google Slides via the Zoom menu from the top toolbar in Google Slides.

Accessing zoom options in Google Slides via Zoom bar

Zoom Options in Google Slides

Google Slides provides several options to zoom slides. Below is a list of the different ways you can use zoom for your slides.

Zoom in: You can zoom in on slides to magnify parts of the slide content. Other than the menu options for zooming slides, you can also use the CTRL+Alt++ hotkey.

How to zoom in Google Slides

Zoom out: To zoom out of a slide, use the Zoom out option from the Zoom menu or CTRL+Alt+- hotkey.

How to zoom out in Google Slides

Fit: This is an option where the slide is adjusted according to your screen to fit the screen size. This option fits the slide by adjusting the zoom percentage (if needed) to fit the content of your deck to your screen size. The hotkey for this option is CTRL+Alt+[.

Fit Zoom on Google Slides

Zoom by Percentage: Other zoom options within the Zoom menu enable you to zoom the slide by 50%, 100%, and 200%

Zoom by percentage in Google Slides

Final Words

The Zoom options in Google Slides are important for presenting and editing slides by highlighting or adjusting them according to need. Knowing the hotkeys to zoom in or out or to fit your slides according to the screen size also helps boost productivity as you work on your slide decks in Google Slides. Keep in mind these techniques apply to both premium as well as free Google Slides templates.

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