How to Send an Image to the Back on Google Slides

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When editing your Google Slides templates, you might need to send a slide element backward or forward. This could be an image, shape, or text that needs to be adjusted to suit your design and branding needs. There is a simple way of sending slide elements back or forward.

How to Send Slide Objects Back or Forward in Google Slides

To move a slide object backward or forward, right-click the object and go to Order. This will enable you to send slide elements backward or forward. Let’s take a look at two examples to demonstrate this feature. You can find the following options:

  • Bring to front: This brings the slide object to the front, regardless of how many layers it’s located beneath other objects.
  • Bring forward: This brings the selected object one step forward.
  • Send backward: This sends the selected object one step backward.
  • Send to back: This sends the slide object to the back, beneath all other objects.
Object order options in Google Slides

Example: How to Move an Image to the Back in Google Slides

In this example, we will move the overlapping image on the left backward to give the slide layout a proportionate look.

Slide containing overlapping objects in Google Slides

By right-clicking on the image and going to Order > Send Backward.

Send object backward in Google Slides

This pushed the image backward, bringing the Google Slides shape on the right forward, which made the slide layout proportionate.

Image sent backward in Google Slides

Final Words

Using the Order via right-click context menu, you can send images, text, and shapes backward, forward, to the very back, or the front according to need. Doing so can help you design and redesign slides to make them appear proportionate or move around newly added objects to match your design requirements.

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