How to Insert a Calendar in Google Slides

Although many users prefer to stick to Google Calendar for scheduling their tasks, inserting a calendar in a Google Slides presentation is a helpful resource for building a timeframe in any project.

cover for how to insert a calendar in google slides

In this article, we’ll explain step-by-step how to quickly insert a calendar in Google Slides. 

Method #1: Working with a calendar image

Start by opening your Google Slides presentation.

Starting point for how to insert a calendar in Google Slides
Presentation entry slide for this tutorial

In this case, the idea is to insert a slide with a calendar between the 4th and 5th slide. 

point in which to insert a calendar in Google Slides
Point in which the Calendar will be inserted

We create a new blank slide by either pressing CTRL + M (Windows) or going to the Slide menu, New Slide.

Adding a blank slide in Google Slides
Adding a new blank slide

Insert the desired title and decide where to locate the calendar. Someplace inside that red rectangle is the desired area for it.

area in which to insert a calendar in Google Slides
Placeholder area for the calendar

Next, copy/paste a calendar image file you have, a screenshot of your PC’s calendar, or insert a template file, made image. Resize as desired. Just to show an example, this is how a screenshot of MS Windows calendar would look like

copy/pasted calendar in Google Slides
Pasting a calendar in a Google Slides template

Method #2: Work your way with Calendar Templates for Google Slides

Our preferred method is to use professional-made calendar templates for Google Slides with our presentations. To show this method, we will use our 2022 Calendar PowerPoint Templates, which are also compatible with Google Slides.

Open the calendar template and browse for the month you need to use.

a calendar template in Google Slides
A calendar template in Google Slides

If you intend to make the changes here, do them beforehand. Otherwise, follow these steps.

Return to your presentation’s file. Click on File, Import Slides. This is why you should open the calendar template first; otherwise, Google Cloud won’t make the file available to import the slides.

accessing import Slides in Google Slides
Accessing the Import Slides menu

Select now the calendar template file.

selecting the presentation from whom to import the slides
Selecting the file to import slides from in Google Docs

A new window will open, allowing you to pick which slides to insert. Amongst its options, you should check the one at the bottom that says Keep Original Theme. By default is ON; for this case, we’ll turn it off.

selecting the calendar slide to import in Google Slides
Picking the slide to import

Click on Import Slides one ready. If you removed the Keep Original Theme option, the imported slides merge with your presentation’s theme. 

new calendar slide imported with presentation's theme
Imported calendar slide with theme merged

The main advantage of this method is that you end with a theme-paired calendar to show, and the inserted calendar is fully editable, as shown below.

Editing an imported calendar in Google Slides
Editing an imported calendar slide

And that’s how you insert a calendar in Google Slides. Remember, the first method is mostly intended for those users that design their proper calendars in software like Adobe Illustrator or Canva. 

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