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Template of January 2022 Calendar
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Template of December 2022 Calendar

The 2022 Calendar PowerPoint Templates are monthly planner presentation layouts. These templates are 12 slides for each month in the year 2022 organized into weeks and days. The Calendar PowerPoint will help users to present events and activities ahead of next year. They can edits events and reminders in text placeholders on each date of the calendar. Each month’s calendar template comes with the previous month’s preview on the slide’s top-right corner. It could be beneficial for discussing new activities without going back to the previous slide. The users can also download the 2021calendar PowerPoint template from the SlideModel catalog for current year schedule planning.

PowerPoint templates for the 2022 calendar display Sunday as the first day of the week. However, users can change edit text and numbers for countries where the week starts with Monday. Since this presentation is designed using PowerPoint shapes, customizing shapes, text, and colors is easy. Furthermore, users can add branding content such as logos, icons, and images for personalized calendar presentations.

The 2022 Calendar PowerPoint Template is a useful presentation tool in all types of industries or professions. For example, teachers can download the calendar template to prepare and present yearly course planners. Likewise, individuals can keep their schedules organized by using daily, weekly, and monthly planners. On the other hand, business professionals can benefit from calendar templates while creating a project timeline. It could be used as an alternative to the project Gantt chart for a simpler presentation of roles and responsibilities. The SlideModel templates catalog also offers quarterly, weekly, and 10-day schedule planner templates.

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