How to Download Google Slides Templates

Google Slides is often used as a free alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint. Many users new to Google Slides look for similar options, such as ways to download Google Slides themes. Unlike PowerPoint, you don’t necessarily need to download Google Slide themes, as a copy can be obtained online for presentations.

How to Get Themes from Template Gallery

The Template Gallery in Google Slides provides a variety of templates that you can use. If your theme’s gallery isn’t expanded when visiting the Google Slides home page, click Template Gallery.

Locating the template gallery option in Google Slides

You can pick a theme by sifting through the various categories and selecting one that suits your needs.

Browsing and picking a slide deck design in Google Slides' template gallery

The theme picked from the Template Gallery can be edited using Google Slides.

Selected template to work in Google Slides

How to Pick or Change Themes in Google Slides

If you start with a blank presentation, you can view themes from the right sidebar and pick or change the theme according to need. These can be viewed via the Themes button on the top toolbar. This option can also be reached via Slide > Change Theme.

Changing theme in Google Slides

You can pick and choose themes from the right sidebar. This can be done anytime, regardless of whether you’re starting your presentation, in the middle of it, or want to try new themes with a presentation that has been completed.

Selecting a theme in Google Slides

How to Import Theme in Google Slides

The Themes option also gives an Import theme button at the bottom that can be used to import themes.

Locating the import theme menu

You can either upload a new theme or pick one from Google Drive.

Importing a theme from Google Drive

Once your theme is imported, the design of the theme will be applied to your presentation.

Selecting and importing a theme into Google Slides

How to Get More Templates on Google Slides

To download themes for Google Slides, you can either use the default theme or get Google Slides Templates from a website like SlideModel that provides exclusive templates tailored for use with Google Slides. If you’re using templates from a third-party website like Google Slides, simply select the desired template and look for an option to open the template online in Google Slides.

Working with SlideModel's Google Slides templates

Once the template opens in Google Slides, it will appear as View Only. To edit it separately, go to File > Make a copy.

How to Copy the Entire Presentation

From this menu, you can either make a copy of the entire presentation or save it to Google Slides.

Copying an entire presentation in Google Slides

How to Copy Selected Slides

You can also select specific slides. To do this, pick the desired slides by holding down the CTRL key and go to File > Make a copy > Selected slides.

Copying selected slides in Google Slides

How to Download Google Slides Presentation

You can download your Google Slides presentation for later use or a copy of a theme to import later via File > Download. The download options allow you to save the presentation in PowerPoint, OpenOffice, PDF, Plain Text, JPEG, PNG, and Scalable Vector Graphics format.

Downloading a Google Slides template in PPTX format.

Google Slides templates can be opened directly using your Google account in Google Drive. However, if you wish to download them for use with PowerPoint, OpenOffice, or import images from the slides, you can download them according to need. Since Google Slides is a cloud-based platform, there is no need to worry about how to download a theme for Google Slides, as you can find and save themes online.

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