How to Add Page Numbers in PowerPoint

Page numbers on PowerPoint slides show the order of the slide deck. Having page numbers can help keep track of the number of slides left so you can time your presentations. It also can be useful to link different slides by identifying them using page numbers when working with interactive PowerPoint templates.

How to Add Page Number to PowerPointTo add page numbers in PPT, go to Insert -> Header & Footer.

Access Header & Footer options in PowerPoint

Check the Slide Number option to show page numbers in your slide deck. Click Apply to apply it to the current slide. To show it across all slides, select Apply All.

Adding a slide number from Header & Footer menu in PowerPoint

How to Customize Slide Numbers in PowerPoint

Customize Page Numbers Individually

You can customize slide numbers by selecting them individually to change the color, font, and style of the page number. However, doing so in Normal View will only allow you to edit the page numbers individually.

Manually add page number in PowerPoint

Customize Page Numbers for All Slides

To customize page numbers for all slides, go to View -> Slide Master and head over to the master slide in the slide deck located at the top.

Access Slide Master in PowerPoint

Edit the page numbers in Slide Master by customizing the hash icon located at the bottom of the master slide. Once you save changes and close Slide Master, the page number style will be applied across all slides.

Add page number in Slide Master in PowerPoint

Using Slide Master can give a custom look and feel for all page numbers automatically applied to your presentation, without the need to individually edit PowerPoint page numbers in each slide.

Final result of how to add page numbers in PowerPoint

Final Words

Page numbers in PowerPoint can be customized according to the presenter’s individual requirements to give them a look and feel consistent with your branding needs. If you have downloaded any Googles Slides templates for editing in PowerPoint and want to change the default page number styles, the same method would apply.

Page numbers can play an important role in helping you time slides and remain on track during a presentation. Furthermore, you can also use them for identification when linking different slides in PowerPoint to create interactive presentations.

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