Poster Presentation Templates For PowerPoint

Being a student you might be given the task to make an awareness poster or a poster presentation to create awareness about a social topic. This may include making a single or multiple slides that provide an infographic or sequential slide depicting a chain reaction, relationship between different variables or cause and effect illustrations. The […]

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Business Card Templates For PowerPoint

Business card templates for PowerPoint can be used for not only presentations but also for making electronic or printable cards, business profiles, website banners and the like. For this purpose you need a flexible template that has been designed to be more than a presentation template, like the Business Card Templates given below, which can […]

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Best Comparison Chart Templates For PowerPoint

Comparison charts have become quite famous across social media nowadays. You might have seen comparison charts for battery time of different smartphones, the sales for different tablet models or the market share of various products or services. While such charts may seem novel for many internet users, the need for comparison charts for a business […]

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Best SWOT Analysis Templates for PowerPoint

When it comes to exploring the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for a business or venture, the best method is to construct a SWOT Analysis. A SWOT analysis can be anything from a simplified document created like a mind map to a complex analysis based on available facts and figures. Nonetheless, you can always summarize […]

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Business Intelligence PowerPoint Templates

Business intelligence or BI departments use methodologies that can convert raw data into the type of information that can have implications for business purposes. While professionals working in a Business Intelligence department may require making good use of databases, spreadsheets and platforms that support Big Data, all aggregated information and analysis may boil down to […]

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Preparing Effective Sales PowerPoint Presentations

Making effective sales presentations may require the help of appropriate diagrams, charts, statistical data, company profile and a projection of the product lifecycle. Below is a compilation of PowerPoint Templates for making Effective Sales PowerPoint Presentations.

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Organizational Chart Templates For Making Attractive Presentations

Making professional looking Organizational charts can be quite difficult. This is especially true when one may require making an organizational chart for a PowerPoint presentation. However, using appropriate Organizational Chart Templates For PowerPoint can help you create such charts in a snap; like the org chart templates given below.

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Best Business Plan Templates For PowerPoint

Business plans are necessary for setting forth a roadmap with business goals and the means necessary to achieve them. Such plans may include an overview of the organization, information about potential and existing customers, timelines for future expansion plans/project, etc. While business plans may include documents comprising of dozens of pages, however, one may require […]

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Creative Templates For Gantt Charts & Project Planning in PowerPoint

Among many uses of PowerPoint one of the most underrated one is project planning. PowerPoint can be used not only as a presentation tool but can even be useful in making project plans which may be presented to your colleagues or shared with them via email or cloud based services like SlideOnline.

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