Worldmap & Connections PowerPoint Template

Illustrate global networks using powerful visuals from Worldmap & Connections PowerPoint Template. The collection of world maps in blue and white background creates a cliché of light yet intense mood. It is appropriate for professional audiences. The PowerPoint shapes make the report even easier to grasp and analyze.

Ideal for showing international relationships, Worldmap & Connections PowerPoint Template display connections in a comprehensive manner. The global theme is perfect for networking. It can be used in generating expansion plan presentations. The design can capture possible networks and market. The global reach of the business can be highlighted as well.

The first slide contains a world map outline on the right side. The map can be marked with colorful circular shapes. A legend of corresponding shape colors can be seen on the left side of the layout. White and curved connectors trace the path from one marker to another. This symbolizes a certain relationship between those two networks. A similar plot can be seen on the second slide. The presenter can use it while giving further explanation of the subject matter. The third slide is generally similar to the first one except for its white background. The fourth slide, however, display two sets of world map. In the design, the first map is marked while the other one is not. This can serve as a comparative case between an implemented plan versus an untouched environment.

World maps are plotted images or representations of different places or countries around the world. The design is directly proportional to the real outline of these places. They are used in navigation, location and travel. It is two dimensional. It drafts the surface of the entire planet in a flat plane whose ends can be met to create a continuous look like in reality.

Smart and interactive, Worldmap & Connections PowerPoint Template can step up any presentation on global networks. Awe more audiences with Continental Worldmap Horizontal PowerPoint Timeline from the SlideModel gallery.

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