Weisbord Six Box Model PowerPoint Template

Weisbord Six Box Model PowerPoint Template is a 6 steps diagram for performance evaluation of organizational issues. There are many ways to present the Weisbord model, a circular process cycle being the common one. This template presents the cycle diagram using a curved arrow PowerPoint shape. The purpose of Weisbord Six Box model is to identify organizational issues that have been overlooked by management. It also provides a structural method of identifying those issues. The six boxes refer to 6 categories in which management conducts the diagnosis of organizational issues. The concept diagram PowerPoint displays six box model around the curved arrow representing process cycle.

The Weisbord Six Box Model begins with the purpose of organization. It means that purpose needs to be clear to all stakeholders i.e. vision and mission statement. Form purpose, the management moves to structure of an organization. It highlights employees’ position and their relationships with functional groups. For example, who is responsible for achieving which goal. The relationships box analyzes relationships between individuals, groups, and functions. The next box is to consider rewards for behavior that are reinforced within an organization. The helpful mechanisms box explores new technologies that assist staff to get their job done. In the middle, the leadership looks at behaviors and styles of leadership within organization. Furthermore, the Weisbord model is an open system model that considers environmental impact.

The Weisbord Six Box Model PowerPoint Template is a single slide layout highlighting all 6 categories. This presentation will be useful for various employee surveys and human resources management strategies. Because classification of issues in Weisbord six box model provides insights needed for organizational diagnosis.

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