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Website Wireframe Template for PowerPoint is a professional PowerPoint Template that contains several Website Wireframes shapes, created with hand written style, for mocking up website screens and presenting website functionalities. Website Wireframes are also known as Mockups, website schematics or just website blueprints. They are a powerful visual tool to represent the structure of a web page and its components. The wireframes contain a set of widgets that represent the internal elements of the website. This elements, are displayed in the wireframe in order to visualize the layout of the website and its structural behavior. It also contains the navigational elements of the web page, that provide usability across  the website.

Wireframes are extensively used under Software Product Management, Website Design and Web Software Development projects. Wireframes are a powerful communication tools between the functional stakeholders and the engineering and designs teams. They provide high expressiveness to transmit the required layout and display and the functionality of each element within them.

Our Website Wireframe Template for PowerPoint is created with hand written PowerPoint Shapes. Each shape , the windows, the components and the elements, are created as PowerPoint objects, allowing the user to fully customize their properties as color, shape and effects. The presentation provides common website wireframe scenarios and layouts that will help the user to mock up any kind of website. It also provides portrait and landscape versions of screen, not only to wireframe tablet or mobile, but  also modern wide screens.

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